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PLAYCHEAT - GC 15/07/2017



  • Auto Bot – Pass by the stages of the mission automaticaly;
  • Auto Kill – Kill all the monsters;
  • Drop VAC - Takes the drop of items and GP to your character;
  • One Hit – Monsters die with just 1 hit;
  • HP Full – Your HP keep always full;
  • MP Full – Your MP keep always full;
  • MP Pet – Your Pet's MP keep always full;
  • Instant Spell – It's like press the Z key, except you don't effort;
  • Skill Now – You don't need wait to use your skills;
  • Combo Full – Combo of 9999999;
  • Super Armor – Nobody can knock you;
  • Fury Jin / Sieg – Fury bar always full to Jin and Sieghart;
  • Fury Dio / Zero – Fury bar always full to Dio and Zero;
  • Rin Cards – Lin cards never ends;
  • Group Monsters – Lock the monsters in the corner;
  • Increase Time – Increase the time at 05:30;
  • Super Speed – Increases the speed of the character;
  • Super Jump – Pressing Up arrow, your character will jump too much high;
  • Wide Vision – Increases the field of view of the screen;

Prova de Funcionamento


1. Abra o GrandChase, crie uma sala;

2. Execute o hack como administrador;
3. Divirta-se.

1. Run GrandChase, start a new room;
2. Run the hack as administrator;
3. Have fun
Warning: Don't enable all the items on the "Others" tab. The game can't process too many of these items.
Aviso: Não ative todos os itens na aba "Outros". O jogo não pode processar muitos desses itens.

BR: Desative seu antivírus/firewall antes de baixar o hack.
EN: Disable your antivirus/firewall before downloading the hack.


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